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Code Folding should respect mouse -click location

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    • Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Critical
    • Resolution: Duplicate
    • 9.0, 11.1, 11.2
    • None
    • editor - Code folding



      • Editing Java source code
      • Most Java method signatures are folded (with the code-folding feature)
      • Scroll back or forward from the current editing line (previous cursor position)
      • The previous position has moved off the visible line of code

      expected / desirable

      Based in Netbeans 8.2 behaviour

      • Click on [*+*] icon to expand a method
         [+] void abcd() { } 
      • Expand method body to this
              void abcd() { 
                // something something
      • Cursor STAYS on the or near-by the abcd() method


      • Cursor appears to Jump rapidly to the last edit line "previous cursor position"
      • this is extremely disconcerting every time.
      • It has become extremely annoying in a very short time
      • The place – Line of code or method – the user is actually interested in has vanished from the screen


      • I have not yet thrown my screen out the window
      • this requires NOT only going back to the place in the code you need.
      • You must also remember to click the mouse on that new position line someplace or
        • You will lose your place again
      • It may have taken several minutes to find the specific few lines or method you are seeking
      • One may need to scan 1,000-s of lines in collapsed code
      • All these effects are time wasting, unattractive, and off-putting
      • In addition time is money – My bosses won't like Netbeans becoming less productive.


      • At least in the current Netbeans 9, the ALT-LeftArrow and ALT-RightArrow don't alwasy jump to the context in the current file.
      • They often skip about throudh recently edited files
        • Which is Largely the function of the ALT-Tab imho.
      • In any case these arrow key functions don't look at were the mouse click for code-unfolding / code-folding happened.


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