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Explicit representation of disabled actions, Maven-Gradle consistency



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      Concept of disabled actions was introduced primarily as a way how a plugin in a specific provided configuration could disable certain predefined actions, bcs they do not make sense in that configuration.

      The examples are Development mode (continuous build) provided natively by Gradle, and a Development mode that Micronaut plugin provides for Maven: In both cases, Debug makes only a little sense, as a change in the source will result in VM restart - this is  inconvenient in debug mode to the degree that I/we decided to disable the action by default.

      As the feature was implemented at the end of the release cycle, the disabled actions are identified by existing action mapping poperties. For gradle it is no task + reload_never, for maven no goals.

      This is not optimal, as it prevents user from half-defining the actions, complicates new action creation and also mangles action definition so if a (builtin) action is customized, then disabled, and re-enabled, the customizations are gone (or may be gone, if the customized properties are the ones used to indicate disabled status).

      • The property should be explicit
      • both Maven | Gradle should allow to disable actions in any (not just non-default) configurations, if possible.
      • User actions should be allowed to be disabled as well
      • Disabled actions should not be presented in popup goals/tasks submenu on a project

      // cc: lkishalmi  for feature comments




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