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IDE shoulld print a warning if it chooses different Gradle distribution than configured

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      The gradle implementation may choose a different Gradle than configure in the project's gradle-wrapper.properties in case the distribution is not compatible with the runtime JDK that should run the gradle daemon. 

      This may lead to unexpected situations, like version conflict between a gradle plugin and gradle core, such as this:

      FINE [org.netbeans.modules.gradle.loaders.LegacyProjectLoader]: Failed to retrieve project information for: /space/src/vscode/scratch/micronaut-jdbc-repository
      org.gradle.api.ProjectConfigurationException: A problem occurred configuring root project 'micronautguide'.
          at org.gradle.configuration.project.LifecycleProjectEvaluator.wrapException(LifecycleProjectEvaluator.java:75)
          at org.gradle.configuration.project.LifecycleProjectEvaluator.addConfigurationFailure(LifecycleProjectEvaluator.java:68)
          at org.gradle.configuration.project.LifecycleProjectEvaluator.access$400(LifecycleProjectEvaluator.java:51)
      Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: The value for task ':test' property 'testFrameworkProperty' is final and cannot be changed any further.
          at org.gradle.api.internal.provider.AbstractProperty$FinalizedValue.beforeMutate(AbstractProperty.java:489)
          at org.gradle.api.internal.provider.AbstractProperty.assertCanMutate(AbstractProperty.java:263)
          at org.gradle.api.internal.provider.AbstractProperty.setSupplier(AbstractProperty.java:212)
          at org.gradle.api.internal.provider.DefaultProperty.set(DefaultProperty.java:71)
          at org.gradle.api.tasks.testing.Test.useTestFramework(Test.java:979)
          at org.gradle.api.tasks.testing.Test.useJUnitPlatform(Test.java:1049)
          at org.gradle.api.tasks.testing.Test.useJUnitPlatform(Test.java:1032)
          at io.micronaut.gradle.MicronautLibraryPlugin.lambda$null$1(MicronautLibraryPlugin.java:103)

      Apparently the plugin works OK with gradle 7.2 that the project uses, but fails with gradle 7.3 because of some incompatible change in gradle.

      The IDE should at least print a warning message. I would even recommend to provide a setting that would fail the build, if such incompatibility is found.




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