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LSP sub processes increases while opening multiple git diff tabs



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      While investigating the situation, why the language server for TypeScript opens on an core module of NetBeans "webcommon\typescript.editor" I made further investigations. I think I understand the stuff better now. the language server for typescript runs, because of the typescript template file. So when I open a project with TS files or a TS file from a different project, it will map to the mimeType and the project. Everything is fine.

      But one problem that I encountered is when I change a TS file and make a Git -> Show Changes on the tab, the changes window opens and when I double click, it will open the changes and it will create a new node sub process of this, which never stops/killed and it does it everytime I double click on the changes.

      Steps to reproduce:

      • Open the NetBeans core module webcommon\typescript.editor
      • Have a look into the Taskmanager or process explorer
      • NetBeans opens 1 instance with 2 sub node processes and starts the typescript language server.
      • Make changes in the typescript file
      • Right click on the tab of the typescript file
      • Go to git -> show changes
      • Diff window opens
      • Double click on the changed TS file (entry inside of the git diff window)
      • Have a look into the task manager and you will see, it will open a new node sub process and starts the language server for ts again.
      • Repeat this as often as you want.
      • We get more and more sub process of this.

      I think this here is related to it, somehow: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/NETBEANS-5142


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