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nb-javac "Compile on Save" causes "cannot find symbol" for types that are present



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 12.3
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      What I did:

      1. Clean install of NetBeans 12.3
      2. Installed nb-javac as recommended, restarted NetBeans
      3. Cloned https://github.com/keycloak/keycloak.git (13.0.0-SNAPSHOT) from within NetBeans
      4. Opened the parent project
      5. Did "Clean and Build" of the whole project (success)
      6. Expanded "Modules", all looks fine
      7. Opened module "Keycloak REST Services": "Background scanning of projects..." takes a long time and there are constantly occurring "Unexpected Exception" (some NPE but it is impossible to select one because they are being replaced by a new occurrence all the time)
      8. Opened the attached project "netbeans-test"

      Expected behaviour:

      • All projects open without error

      Observed behaviour:

      • When opening the module "Keycloak REST Services" is complete, there are several "cannot find symbol" errors for types that are actually present, for example DefaultVaultTranscriber in VaultTranscriberTest (see screenshot)
      • In the project "netbeans-test", in NetBeansTest.java, the import org.keycloak.crypto.ES256SignatureProviderFactory as well has "cannot find symbol" and content-assist for the package org.keycloak.crypto only shows a subset of the types that actually are in the package


      Disabling "Compile on Save", deleting the cache in ~/.cache/netbeans, rebuilding the project, restarting NetBeans etc. does not solve the issue.

      "Uninstalling" nb-javac by deleting ~/.netbeans/12.3/modules and restarting NetBeans solves the problem, but then of course "Compile on Save" with all its advantages is not available any more.

      Then nb-javac can be installed and "Compile on Save" enabled again - no errors show up (but might occur again later?)

      Additional information:

      In NetBeans 12.4 Beta 1 "Compile on Save" can be enabled and works without installing nb-javac: Compile on Save support for vanilla javac.


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