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NullPointerException when system attempts to create entities from tables



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      Steps to replicate
      Set up a Maven Web App as per NB 12.3 wizard.
      Deploy to payara 5.2020.7: success.
      Create connection pool for server; Ping: successful.
      Create jdbc/datasource for pool.
      Create persistence.xml; add data source and change transaction type to JTA, in persistence-unit.
      Right click on project and select New Entity Classes from Database.
      Tables are shown on left side of selection window.
      Select all and move to selection space, right.
      Click Next, click Finnish.
      Assert: Entity Classes have been created in folder specified.
      Actual: Classes are created in folder chosen BUT:
      --Some are just a class name and empty.
      --Some are properly created entity classes or PKs.
      --there is no particular pattern of which are empty and which are properly created entities.
      In persistence.xml this is shown as the version: <persistence version="2.1" … http://xmlns.jcp.org/xml/ns/persistence/persistence_2_1.xsd"> and
      Library name for persistence is (JPA 2.1).
      However, in libraries under this name the library classpath is : ../javax.persistence-2.2.1.jar, which is JPA 2.2.
      Library with name EclipseLink (JPA 2.1) has the new version 2.7.7 instead of the version 2.5.



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