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css autocompletion not working



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    • 12.0
    • web - CSS Editor
    • Product Version: Apache NetBeans IDE 11.1
      Java: 12.0.1; OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM 12.0.1+12-Ubuntu-1
      Runtime: OpenJDK Runtime Environment 12.0.1+12-Ubuntu-1
      System: Linux version 5.0.0-19-generic running on amd64; UTF-8; en_US (nb)


      Hi guys. I decided to test Netbeans 11.1 a little, created simple html5 project, added index.html, bootstrap 4.3.1 css and my own style.css plus some js.

      I found that class/id completion in bootstrap.css is not working (though i don't see any errors neither in parsing nor in NB itself). Class and id completion in style.css is working for style.css and index.html (parser was able to work with these files). But nothing works with bootstrap.css (not even autocompletion for classes inside this file). So looks like NB silently fails to parse it. Please fix.

      It's a clean NB 11.1 beta2 install, without importing plugins from previous NB versions. (just tested the same in beta3, still an issue)


      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Download attached project: autocompletion_test.tar.gz
      2. Open the project
      3. Open the style.css
      4. Try to autocomplete any class.

      Actual result: "No suggestions"

      Expected result: "autocompletion provides some classes from bootstrap.css"

      Update: still not working in NB 11.3 RC.


        1. Screenshot from 2019-07-04 16-34-06.png
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          Pavel Selivanov
        2. Screenshot from 2019-07-04 16-34-06.png
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          Pavel Selivanov
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          Geertjan Wielenga
        7. Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 14.11.30.png
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          Geertjan Wielenga
        8. many-classes.css
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          Junichi Yamamoto
        9. Hello12.zip
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          Geertjan Wielenga
        10. bootstrap-4.2.0-dist.zip
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          Pavel Selivanov
        11. bootstrap-4.1.3-dist.zip
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          Pavel Selivanov
        12. bootstrap_400_431.diff
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          Pavel Selivanov
        13. bootstrap_4.1.3_to_4.2.0.diff
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          Pavel Selivanov
        14. autocompletion_test2.tar.gz
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          Pavel Selivanov
        15. autocompletion_test.tar.gz
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          Pavel Selivanov

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