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Prioritize icons to vectorize for HiDPI support



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      As part of the higher-level effort to support HiDPI for the NetBeans IDE and for NetBeans Platform applications, a commonly used subset of icons should be recreated using the scalable SVG format (see NETBEANS-2604).

      As of 2019-05-27, there are 2740 unique files with extension 'png' or 'gif' in non-test sources in the NetBeans codebase's master branch. The page at https://people.csail.mit.edu/ebakke/misc/netbeans-icons shows all of these images. When there are multiple files with the same SHA256 checksum, only one is shown.

      With some practice, it takes on average 30 minutes to create an SVG version of a typical icon in Adobe Illustrator. See the attached illustration (and this Illustrator template). Thus it's infeasible to do this for every icon in the codebase. Instead, icons commonly seen on the screen during a typical NetBeans IDE session should be prioritized.

      This issue tracks the task of providing a prioritized list of icons (with file names) for which we should try to provide SVG versions. For example, in prioritized order:

      1. Every icon in the editor toolbar
      2. Every icon in the application toolbar, with default NetBeans settings.
      3. Icons used in the menu bar menus.
      4. Any other icon seen on the screen when a blank NetBeans IDE installation is started up.
      5. Icons shown in the Projects pane when working with a simple Java project.
      6. Icons shown in the Projects pane when working with a Java project in a git repository.
      7. etc.


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