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Background Scanning Process for first NetBeans start took more than 15min



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 11.0
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    • Component/s: ide - Performance
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      Steps to reproduce:

      • Open NetBeans 11.0 for the very first time
      • Choose yes to import settings from NetBeans 10.0 (No plugins, just settings)
      • After NetBeans opens, It imported 33 projects from my old NetBeans instance.
      • Install nb-javac.
      • It opens the projects.
      • Background scanning comes ups, need couple of minutes
      • Because of some HTML5 projects, Oracle JS Parser implementation installer comes up
      • Install Oracle JS Parser Implementation.
      • After first background scanning is finished the next one is coming up and takes even longer.
      • Waiting until everything is finish. Round about 15-17 min.

      I added a heap dump, created via Visual VM (In case of sensitive data, I removed the link, please give me a private link where I can upload it.

      No I don't want to not use importing settings. First it is possible and needed and second because it is not a real world case. I want my settings from my old IDE and all my opened projects. I don't want to import/open them one after one again, this is not a use case. And I don't want to make the settings again and again, switching to a new version. Of course it will not running as long as I open NetBeans w/o importing settings and opening all projects but again this doesn't make sense.

      My projects are:

      • 5 Maven
      • 1 PHP
      • 4 HTML5
      • 14 Ant based NetBeans modules (Some 3rd-party, some from the Core)
      • 8 Maven based NetBeans modules (all 3rd-party)
      • 1 NetBeans Module suite project

      What information do you need more? I will add the messages.log too, but I need to clean up my user dir again, because I opened NetBeans after the profiling again.


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