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HTML5 project still broken after installing Oracle JS Parser

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      I opened NetBeans 11.0 for the first time so user dir was created the first time. No need to delete it again. When I open a HTML5 project, NetBeans asks me to install the Oracle JS Parser. After installation, the project seems broken, as you can see it in my screenshot.

      Reopening the project also still not working. Only restart netbeans works.

      Steps to reproduce:

      • Start NetBeans 11.0 for the very first time (Deleted user dir)
      • Don't do anything except from opening an HTML5 project that you created somehow (Doesn't matter what, as long as it has a package.json or a nbproject folder for being a HTML5 project)
      • Oracle JS Parser installation dialog is coming up
      • Install it
      • See the project is still broken in the IDE

      Resolving project problems doesn't work too.



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