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Telnet client: Support Listener Notification of Incoming Data



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      I am in the process of trying to implement a Java client for RFC 2217, which is the protocol for accessing serial ports over TCP. Unfortunately, the commons-net telnet client is insufficient for this relatively simple task.

      There are two missing features in the commons-net telnet client code, one of which is a show stopper (NET-343) and the other of which would be a "real nice to have". This issue documents the second problem:

      The API I am trying to support requires the ability to notify a listener that new incoming data is available. This would be trivial for me to do if only my library could somehow itself get a listener notification from the TelnetInputStream reader thread every time it reads new data. Unfortunately, there's no API provided for doing this, even though it would be trivial. So I have to implement a hack that requires a wrapper InputStream with yet another internal reader thread, etc. Bleh.

      I'm going to attempt to come up with a patch and will attach it here if successful.


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