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f:ajax execute '@none' submitted as explicit request param, firing source listeners



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    • 2.1.9
    • 2.0.16, 2.1.10
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    • MyFaces 2.1.9 / Tomcat


      When f:ajax is used to initiate a request, and '@none' is the execution target, JSF spec indicates that the 'java.faces.partial.execute' request parameter should be left blank. This is also indicated by comments in MyFaces javascript and in the following issue:


      However, trace the same code where the behaviour is described in comments, and you'll find the following:

      _transformList: function(passThrgh, target, srcStr, form, elementId) {
      var _Lang = this._Lang;
      //this is probably the fastest transformation method
      //it uses an array and an index to position all elements correctly
      //the offset variable is there to prevent 0 which results in a javascript
      var offset = 1,
      vals = (srcStr) ? srcStr.split(/\s+/) : [],
      idIdx = (vals.length) ? _Lang.arrToMap(vals, offset) : {},

      //helpers to improve speed and compression
      none = idIdx[this.IDENT_NONE],
      all = idIdx[this.IDENT_ALL],
      theThis = idIdx[this.IDENT_THIS],
      theForm = idIdx[this.IDENT_FORM];

      if (none)

      { //in case of none only one value is returned passThrgh[target] = this.IDENT_NONE; return passThrgh; }


      Which instead of setting a empty string for the 'javax.faces.partial.execute' request param, sets '@none' itself.

      '@none' is submitted as the value of 'javax.faces.partial.execute', which causes the executing VisitTreeCallback to have the set of ids to execute ['@none', 'form3e:button']. 'form3e:button' is the value of 'javax.faces.source', and is the client id of the submitting element. This visit causes listeners and input on the submitting element to decode. This is erroneous behaviour for a request with '@none' as the sole target.

      When using manual JavaScript debugging to prevent the offending '@none' request parameter, the request correctly did not execute the submitting element.

      I will be attaching a proposed patch to resolve this issue as well as a reduced test case.


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