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'mvn package' duplicates WEB-INF/classes on linux only



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      OSX & windows seem to be in sync, ubuntu is not


      We have a multi-module n-tiered project. The endpoints (spring services) rely on a core service project, which relies on a core logic project, which relies on 2 others. So this is all set up using a main pom.xml file, listing each module. I can then run 'mvn package' from the project root.

      The issue is that running 'mvn package' on my windows workstation appears to package things (what i would consider to be) correctly, and running the same command on our server creates something slightly different. In essence, there are class files from the core logic project which end up in the service project's WEB-INF/classes output (as well as in the core's jar). Again, this only happens on the ubuntu server.

      In the attached screenshot, you can see on the left, the output of my workstation, where there's two packages inside of WEB-INF/classes: com.doolli.admin & com.doolli.rest. On the right side, you can see more packages - additionally, you see com.doolli.database, com.doolli.main, com.doolli.manager, com.doolli.object, as well as an org.sphx package - which are defined further down in the dependency tree.

      The duplicate definition is causing our server to throw runtime errors - class and method not found exceptions.


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