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update-versions fails when the project artifact is used with a version other than the current snapshot

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    • Bug
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    • 2.3.2
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    • update-versions
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    • maven 2.2.1, maven 3.0.3


      If a maven project uses its own artifact eg. as a dependency of a plugin with a version other than the current snapshot then release:update-versions will fail with an error like this:

      The artifact (com.example:test) requires a different version (3.1.50) than what is found (3.1.49) for the expression (lastReleasedProjectVersion) in the project (com.example:test)

      Basically, the latest release of the same artifact is used for some sort of regression testing and it seems that the update-versions, after moving to the next release version from snapshot, notices that there is a discrepancy between the new release version and the version used as a plugin dependency.

      This error popped up when I started to use release plugin 2.2.2 and as a result of MRELEASE-412 the properties used in the version tag are also updated.

      I think the update-versions should remember which artifacts have been updated from snapshot to the new release version, and then check those only.



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