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Interactive plugins cannot work in forked executions


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Critical
    • Resolution: Auto Closed
    • Affects Version/s: 2.0-beta-6
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      I was looking into the problems with the GPG plugin when run from the
      release plugin and the problems seem to entirely be problems of the
      release plugin and Plexus utils. They are showing up in the gpg
      plugin, but any plugin that tries to do anything interactively would
      most likely run into the same problems.

      1) System.in - the release manager doesn't feed anything from System.in
      into the forked process. I tried adding System.in to the
      CommandLineUtils.executeCommandLine call, but that just causes a hang.
      CommandLineUtils will wait until the "in" stream is completely consumed
      (returns -1) before returning. With System.in, that never will happen.

      2) Buffered(line style) out - the StreamPumpers use
      BufferedInputStream.readLine() to pump from one stream to the other.
      This won't work. Anything that does something (like the release plugin
      itself) that prompts and then waits for a response on the same line will
      appear to just "hang" as the prompt will never make it to the screen.

      Basically, those two issues completely prevent us from being able to
      un-hard code GPG passphrases from build scripts and such. (unless you
      set gpg.useagent to true and use an agent)

      In anycase, MGPG-9 is really a release plugin bug although part of it is
      due to plexus-utils not providing the support it would need to work
      properly. Most likely, we'll need to add a method in CommandLineUtils
      that would just take the raw streams (in/out/err) and do straight byte
      copy reads without the line buffering. (and once the process
      completely, stop pumping the in stream) (of course, that would then
      require another plexus-utils release and then the release plugin would
      only work with Maven 2.0.6+ with the utils shaded, but that may be
      minor) I'll poke around more and see if I can come up with something.


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