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Implement and integrate a new module importer.



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      This is an overall task to cover the issue of rectifying the various module importer issues by replacing it with a new implementation. A description of the various problems can be found in:


      Separate issues had already been created for some of the specific problems. These issues will now be linked to this problem and thus marked as being dependent on this issue.

      In other words, replacing the module importer will solve a number of number issues. Rather than try and keep up to date all the separate issues, all information about the replacement will be put against this issue instead.

      Note that there are also some issues which are not directly related to the module importer but which will be made dependent on this issue because it is easier to fix the issue as part of the rewrite of the module importer and top level handler dispatch mechanism than it is to address it as a distinct item.

      In respect of what impacts the new module importer implementation may have and how it is used may change, this will be documented in the following document for the time being:


      Note that this document is a work in progress. It is dense reading and assumes you know a bit about the current module importer and its problems. Any significant issues raised by this document can be added here as a comment, or if a general dicussion of a topic is needed, raise the issue on the mod_python developers mailing list.

      A possible new implementation for the module importer is basically ready for testing and experimentation. The intent is to push it into the mod_python source tree, but for its use to be optional.

      If wanting to enable it for a specific Python interpreter, the PythonImport directive would be used:

      PythonImport mod_python.future.importer mytestinterpreter

      If wanting to enable it for all Python interpreters, a PythonOption directive would be used at global scope within the Apache configuration. Ie., outside of all Location, Directory or Files container directives. The exact option name to be used hasn't yet been decided.

      More details and announcements at the appropriate time.


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