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Failing integration test MNG-6386 (Unicode chars) on macOS



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      Ever since I started contributing on Maven, I noticed that there's one integration test that fails on my machine (a Macbook). The test is located in the MavenITmng6386BaseUriPropertyTest class, more specifically the testitMNG6386UnicodeChars method.

      I always thought it would be "just" my machine but in the last week, two things happened.

      1. I reinstalled macOS on my machine. Unfortunately, the test still fails on the freshly installed macOS.
      2. Together with MartinKanters, I started experimenting with GitHub actions, which also provides free macOS builds. The test also fails on those machines.

      I've tried to debug why the test fails. The assertion that fails is the last one, which checks for some Russian text in a property. But I don't understand the reason for the failure.

      The mng-6386-это по-русский folder gets checked out by Git on APFS using the expected filename, as you can see in the attached screenshot.


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