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Multi module release creates empty directories in war file instead of jars



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    • Resolution: Fixed
    • 3.5.2
    • 3.5.3
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    • Linux, Oracle java 1.8.0_152


      After updating to maven 3.5.2 we encounter the following reproducible bug with multi module builds.

      If one of the modules is a war module and depends on another module, the dependency module will not be included as a jar file in WEB-INF/lib of the war file, but as an empty directory instead. Non module dependencies will be included correctly.

      This bug does occur when the following conditions are met:

      • running release:prepare/release:perform
      • <distributionManagement><site> element is present, so that release goals are "deploy site-deploy"
      • <reporting> element contains javadoc-maven-plugin

      Please note that when running "mvn install" or "mvn deploy" the resulting war file is ok, while "mvn release:perform" creates corrupt files as described. Also, if javadoc-maven-plugin is not present in <reporting> block, the war file is fine, too.

      I have no idea whether this bug is maven core or rather release-plugin or even javadoc-plugin related, so I file it here. I prepared a minimal self contained example and attach it as mm.zip. To run the example, the following steps are needed:

      cd /tmp
      unzip /path/to/mm.zip
      cd mm
      git init
      git add pom.xml mm-lib mm-war .gitignore
      git commit
      mvn release:prepare
      mvn release:perform

      After building the resulting corrupt war file can be found here:


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