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POM XML parser needs XInclude and/or XML Entity support



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      POM XML files can get very large and repetitive , and not all modularizaton
      scenarios can be resolved by using a Super POM as described in MNG-1980 ,
      and would be easily resolved if only the POM parser supported XIncludes or
      XML Entities - neither are supported.
      Here is one such scenario:
      I have a large project that has several SureFire plugin based "Test Suites" -
      each test suite uses a "common-at-classes" module of common test classes,
      and is essentially identical except in its XML configuration "test resource" files

      • so the structure is like this :
       Top Level project directory:

      There are @ 10 ( being upgraded to @ 20) "test suites",
      which all do exactly the same thing, but with slightly
      different "test resource" configuration files,
      and depend on the 'acceptance-tests/common-at-classes" JAR .

      We can modularize all the test-suite dependencies OK in the single
      common-at-classes/pom.xml location .

      But their is no way to modularize the actual XML code that runs each
      test-suite with plugin executions - these plugin execution stanzas can currently ONLY
      be in each test-suite#N directory, even though they are identical.

      It would make no sense to have the "Super POM" : acceptance-tests/pom.xml
      contain the plugin executions to run any single test suite ; nor can the
      common-at-classes/pom.xml contain the plugin execution to run any
      test suite, since a test suite run depends on the customized test resource
      files that only exist in each "test_suite#N/" sub-project .

      So the only solution currently available with Maven is to copy the XML stanzas
      that configure and run the test suite ( about 400 lines of XML ) into each of
      the 10-20 test-suite/pom.xml files ; this is all because Maven does not support
      XML XInclude or XML Entities; if it did, we could put all this code into one XML
      file provided by the common-at-classes project, and include it in each test
      suite .

      The test suite XML is then a nightmare to maintain, consistently for all test suites.

      This is becoming such a problem that I am considering making the root project
      POM do nothing more than transform the test-suite poms with XML XInclude-s
      (using an external XML processor), creating a new copy of the whole project,
      and then run an exec plugin goal which runs maven with the transformed POMs.

      Please, please can we have some form of XInclude or XML Entity support , or support for an "<include ...>" element, in the POM parser !




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