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The order of plugins within the same phase cannot be specified in Maven 3



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      This report is a duplicate of MNG-2258, HOWEVER it seems no one is paying attention to that issue as it is a Blocker Bug but it has been around for 5 years now and is still not assigned to anyone. I realise it's poor form to create a duplicate bug, and I apologise, but it seemed to me that adding a comment to an issue that's been ignored for 5 years would probably not have any effect.

      The problem is simple: people need the ability to control the order in which plugins within the same phase are executed. At the moment this appears not to be possible, at least in Maven 3.0.3 - the latest and greatest, right?

      I am attaching a simple pom which, when executed with 'mvn install', executes the plugins in the opposite order to what is specified in the pom (on my machine, at least). No other source files are necessary for reproducing the problem.

      Also attached is the -X output of running the build.

      It's my understanding that someone submitted a patch or at least suggested a simple solution on the older issue, MNG-2258.

      I don't mind if this issue is closed as a duplicate, as long as someone is assigned to look at MNG-2258.



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