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Allow build lifecycle to execute projects in parallel


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      One of the great advantages with maven over scripted build environments is that it can calculate the dependencies of the build, and it could execute items that are independent of each other in parallel.

      Unfortunately it currently doesn't do this, which would be a big win over tools such as 'ant'. It also means that multicore machines have lots of idle capacity when running a serial build that could be utilised.

      I had a quick shot at seeing what might be required. Bear in mind this is the first time I have looked at maven internally, and I was just trying to feel my way around and build a POC. I got some of the way there, but my build threads don't seem to have the correct classpath - I think this is something to do with plexus / classworlds - but I don't know enough.

      It'd be great to get this feature in a future version, or a way of running my hack (figuring out why in a thread has not the plexus stuff) in the interim.


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