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critical error with non-ASCII charcters in directory name: cannot read Input length = 1



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      This is a critical bug that breaks the build. I originally posted this on Stack Overflow but got no response.

      I'm using OpenJDK 11 on Windows 10. I have a very simple POM, for a single Java file, that generates Javadocs. Here is an extract:


      Strangely just running mvn clean package causes an error:

      [ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-javadoc-plugin:3.0.1:jar (default) on project foobar: MavenReportException: Error while generating Javadoc:
      [ERROR] Exit code: 1 - javadoc: error - cannot read Input length = 1
      [ERROR] Command line was: C:\bin\jdk-11\bin\javadoc.exe @options @packages

      In target/apidocs there are only three files: javadoc.bat, options, and packages. The options file is the most interesting. It explicitly says UTF-8 everywhere, as it should. But look at these lines:

      C:/projects/li��o 1/src/main/java

      This project is in C:\projects\lição 1. It appears that somewhere along the chain Java or Maven or the Javadoc plugin didn't correctly convert the directory name to UTF-8.

      Sure enough; when I renamed the directories in Windows to remove non-ASCII characters, mvn clean package worked just fine.

      This would seem like a blatant bug; once Maven starts, everything should be UTF-8 throughout.

      One answer on Stack Overflow gives you a hint of what's going wrong.

      In any case, I consider this to be a huge bug related to fundamental functioning. It absolutely must be fixed. Users can't suddenly see their build broken if their directory name has a non-ASCII character in it.




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