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Framework registration can silently fail w/o visible error



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      When running a v1 framework the master can sometimes respond with "503 Service Unavailable" to a SUBSCRIBE request, without any log message hinting at what might be wrong even at log level `GLOG_v=4`. For example, this is from an attempt to run the `OperationFeedbackFramework` against `mesos-local`:

      I0328 18:17:53.273442  7793 scheduler.cpp:600] Sending SUBSCRIBE call to
      I0328 18:17:53.273653  7797 leveldb.cpp:347] Persisting action (14 bytes) to leveldb took 3.185352ms
      I0328 18:17:53.273695  7797 replica.cpp:712] Persisted action NOP at position 0
      I0328 18:17:53.274099  7798 containerizer.cpp:1123] Recovering isolators
      I0328 18:17:53.274602  7794 replica.cpp:695] Replica received learned notice for position 0 from log-network(1)@
      I0328 18:17:53.274829  7798 containerizer.cpp:1162] Recovering provisioner
      I0328 18:17:53.275249  7795 process.cpp:3588] Handling HTTP event for process 'master' with path: '/master/api/v1/scheduler'
      I0328 18:17:53.276659  7792 provisioner.cpp:494] Provisioner recovery complete
      I0328 18:17:53.277318  7796 slave.cpp:7602] Recovering executors
      I0328 18:17:53.277470  7796 slave.cpp:7755] Finished recovery
      I0328 18:17:53.277743  7794 leveldb.cpp:347] Persisting action (16 bytes) to leveldb took 3.110989ms
      I0328 18:17:53.277777  7794 replica.cpp:712] Persisted action NOP at position 0
      I0328 18:17:53.278400  7795 http.cpp:1105] HTTP POST for /master/api/v1/scheduler from
      I0328 18:17:53.278426  7793 task_status_update_manager.cpp:181] Pausing sending task status updates
      I0328 18:17:53.278453  7794 log.cpp:570] Writer started with ending position 0
      I0328 18:17:53.278425  7798 status_update_manager_process.hpp:379] Pausing operation status update manager
      I0328 18:17:53.278431  7796 slave.cpp:1258] New master detected at master@
      I0328 18:17:53.278502  7796 slave.cpp:1312] No credentials provided. Attempting to register without authentication
      I0328 18:17:53.278560  7796 slave.cpp:1323] Detecting new master
      W0328 18:17:53.279768  7791 scheduler.cpp:697] Received '503 Service Unavailable' () for SUBSCRIBE

      Regardless of the actual issue that caused the error response, I think at the very least,

      • the `mesos::scheduler::Mesos` class should either have a way to provide some feedback to the user or retry itself, not silently swallow the error
      • out documentation should mention the possibility of this call returning errors




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