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Use Python 3 in our codebase



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      As mentioned by andschwa 2 weeks ago, nothing new should use Python 2. cinchurge and ArmandGrillet are currently working on the CLI while being shepherded by klueska and, as we plan to do more work on it soon, mentioned again today that it would be a good time to start using Python 3 in our codebase.

      We use Python 2 in four areas of the Mesos codebase:

      • In the support scripts.
      • In the new CLI.
      • In the new Mesos Python package.
      • In the Python bindings.

      The support scripts and CLI can be updated independently of the switch if we assume that most of our devs have Python 2 and 3 installed on their machines. The Python can be updated last as they should not be used anymore, in favor of our V1 API.

      This new dependency will require changes in our documentation regarding how to build Python. As it will be a change for Mesos devs, we have to express the reasons behind this change and check if it could cause any issue on their side.




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