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Killing a queued task can lead to the command executor never terminating.



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    • Mesosphere Sprint 72, Mesosphere Sprint 73, Mesosphere Sprint 74
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      If a task is killed while the executor is re-registering, we will remove it from queued tasks and shut down the executor if all the its initial tasks could not be delivered. However, there is a case (within Slave::___run) where we leave the executor running, the race is:

      1. Command-executor task launched.
      2. Command executor sends registration message. Agent tells containerizer to update the resources before it sends the tasks to the executor.
      3. Kill arrives, and we synchronously remove the task from queued tasks.
      4. Containerizer finishes updating the resources, and in Slave::___run the killed task is ignored.
      5. Command executor stays running!

      Executors could have a timeout to handle this case, but it's not clear that all executors will implement this correctly. It would be better to have a defensive policy that will shut down an executor if all of its initial batch of tasks were killed prior to delivery.

      In order to implement this, one approach discussed with vinodkone is to look at the running + terminated but unacked + completed tasks, and if empty, shut the executor down in the Slave::___run path. This will require us to check that the completed task cache size is set to at least 1, and this also assumes that the completed tasks are not cleared based on time or during agent recovery.


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