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Improve DRF behavior with scarce resources.



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      The allocator currently uses the notion of Weighted Dominant Resource Fairness (WDRF) to establish a linear notion of fairness across allocation roles.

      DRF behaves well for resources that are present within each machine in a cluster (e.g. CPUs, memory, disk). However, some resources (e.g. GPUs) are only present on a subset of machines in the cluster.

      Consider the behavior when there are the following agents in a cluster:

      1000 agents with (cpus:4,mem:1024,disk:1024)
      1 agent with (gpus:1,cpus:4,mem:1024,disk:1024)

      If a role wishes to use both GPU and non-GPU resources for tasks, consuming 1 GPU will lead DRF to consider the role to have a 100% share of the cluster, since it consumes 100% of the GPUs in the cluster. This framework will then not receive any other offers.

      Among possible improvements, fairness can have understanding of resource packages. In a sense there is 1 GPU package that is competed on and 1000 non-GPU packages competed on, and ideally a role's consumption of the single GPU package does not have a large effect on the role's access to the other 1000 non-GPU packages.

      In the interim, we should consider having a recommended way to deal with scarce resources in the current model.


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