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Agent should backoff before connecting to the master



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      When an agent is started it starts a background task (libprocess process?) to detect the leading master. When the leading master is detected (or changes) the SocketManager's link() method is called and a TCP connection to the master is established. The agent then backs off before sending a ReRegisterSlave message via the newly established connection. The agent needs to backoff before attempting to establish a TCP connection to the master, not before sending the first message over the connection.

      During scale tests at Twitter we discovered that agents can SYN flood the master upon leader changes, then the problem described in MESOS-5200 can occur where ephemeral connections are used, which exacerbates the problem. The end result is a lot of hosts setting up and tearing down TCP connections every slave_ping_timeout seconds (15 by default), connections failing to be established, hosts being marked as unhealthy and being shutdown. We observed ~800 passive TCP connections per second on the leading master during scale tests.

      The problem can be somewhat mitigated by tuning the kernel to handle a thundering herd of TCP connections, but ideally there would not be a thundering herd to begin with.


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