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Revocable by default



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      revocable by default


      Maximize resource utilization and minimize starvation risk for both quota frameworks and non-quota, greedy frameworks when competing with each other.

      A greedy analytics batch system wants to use as much of the cluster as possible to maximize computational throughput. When a competing web service with fixed task size starts up, there must be sufficient resources to run it immediately. The operator can reserve these resources by setting quota. However, if these resources are kept idle until the service is in use, this is wasteful from the analytics job's point of view. On the other hand, the analytics job should hand back reserved resources to the service when needed to avoid starvation of the latter.

      We can assume that often, the resources needed by the service will be of the non-revocable variety. Here we need to introduce clearer distinctions between oversubscribed and revocable resources that are not oversubscribed. An oversubscribed resource cannot be converted into a non-revocable resource, not even by preemption. In contrast, a non-oversubscribed, revocable resource can be converted into a non-revocable resource.

      Another related topic is optimistic offers. The pertinent aspect in this context is again whether resources are oversubscribed or not.


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