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Investigate federations of Mesos masters



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      In a large Mesos installation, the operator might want to ensure that even if the Mesos masters are inaccessible or failed, new tasks can still be scheduled (across multiple different frameworks). HA masters are only a partial solution here: the masters might still be inaccessible due to a correlated failure (e.g., Zookeeper misconfiguration/human error).

      To support this, we could support the notion of "hierarchies" or "federations" of Mesos masters. In a Mesos installation with 10k machines, the operator might configure 10 Mesos masters (each of which might be HA) to manage 1k machines each. Then an additional "meta-Master" would manage the allocation of cluster resources to the 10 masters. Hence, the failure of any individual master would impact 1k machines at most. The meta-master might not have a lot of work to do: e.g., it might be limited to occasionally reallocating cluster resources among the 10 masters, or ensuring that newly added cluster resources are allocated among the masters as appropriate. Hence, the failure of the meta-master would not prevent any of the individual masters from scheduling new tasks. A single framework instance probably wouldn't be able to use more resources than have been assigned to a single Master, but that seems like a reasonable restriction.

      This feature might also be a good fit for a multi-datacenter deployment of Mesos: each Mesos master instance would manage a single DC. Naturally, reducing the traffic between frameworks and the meta-master would be important for performance reasons in a configuration like this.

      Operationally, this might be simpler if Mesos processes were self-hosting (MESOS-3547).

      Intial Design document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1U4IY_ObAXUPhtTa-0Rw_5zQxHDRnJFe5uFNOQ0VUcLg/edit#
      Initial Survey : https://goo.gl/forms/DpVRV9Zh3kunhJkP2


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