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      The full test suite is exceeding the 9 minute mark (581 seconds on my machine), this epic is to track techniques to improve this:

      1. Now that the master and the slave have to perform sync'ed disk writes, consider using tmpfs (e.g. under /dev/shm) to speed up the disk writes. For the master, we could also consider defaulting to in-memory state rather than the replicated log for most tests.
      2. The reaper takes a full second to reap an exited process (MESOS-1199), this adds a second to each slave recovery test, and possibly more for things that rely on Subprocess.
      3. The command executor sleeps for a second when shutting down (MESOS-442), this adds a second to every test that uses the command executor.

      A big improvement will come from running the tests in parallel, a few options:

      1. Use automake's parallel test harness to compile tests separately and run tests in parallel (see here).
      2. Continue to use one test binary, but leverage google test's ability to shard tests across processes/machines (see here). This entails writing our own test wrapper script in support to decide many workers to use, etc. gtest-parallel is an example of a parallel runner, but does not leverage the sharding ability.


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