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Perform synchronous authorization for scheduler calls.



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      After chatting with asekretenko about how best to resolve MESOS-10023, as an alternative to making all scheduler calls get sequenced through an asynchronous authorization step, I brought up the old idea of making authorization synchronous.

      This came up (although I can't find a ticket for it) in the past because the master event stream outgoing message authorization becomes very expensive for a large number of subscribers (cc greggomann). Back then, I suggested that we always hold on to valid object approvers so that we could synchronously (and cheaply) authorize the outgoing events. These object approvers would be kept up to date in the background, and if authorization fails to keep them up to date, we would treat that the same as an authorization failure is currently treated.

      We can apply the same idea (although we haven't applied it to the master's event stream yet) to scheduler API calls, which should help resolve MESOS-10023 since we're no longer mixing asynchronously authorized calls with calls that don't go through authorization.

      This will also yield a performance improvement, scheduler calls no longer get delayed by asynchronous authorization, and an extra trip through the master queue.


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