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Create a rule for the reactor (ReactorModuleConvergence)



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      It would be nice having a rule which checks the consitency of a multi-module build.

      Say having a build with modules like this:

      +-- root (pom.xml)
           +--- m1 (pom.xml)
                 +--- m11 (pom.xml)
                 +--- m12 (pom.xml)
           +--- m2 (pom.xml)
                 +--- m21 (pom.xml)
                 +--- m21 (pom.xml)
           +--- m3 (pom.xml)
                 +--- m31 (pom.xml)
                 +--- m31 (pom.xml)
           +--- m4 (pom.xml)
           +--- m5 (pom.xml)

      If you have for all modules the version 1.2.0-SNAPSHOT everything is fine.

      But what sometimes it happens that someone changes something and you will find things like the following:
      The module m21 (pom.xml) has a parent version of 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT instead of 1.2.0-SNAPSHOT which means maven will try to find this version in repository (you will get a warning during the build; But who reads warnings )..

      Or other things having module interdependencies and it happens someone does something like this:

      In m4 a dependency is written like this:


      which will usually build (except your SNAPSHOT's have been deleted before), but it is not correct. or better like this:


      This means it will be solved against a released version which usually is not the intention in such cases.

      So the rule should check if the groupId/artifactId belongs to the reactor and check the consistency of the version of the dependencies etc. Also the parent would be nice.


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