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Dependencies of explicit dependencies of plugins are not resolved



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      Context: I'm using Error Prone following the instructions here. That involves using an added dependency of the maven compile plugin (specifically com.google.errorprone:error_prone_core:2.15.0 but I don't believe that that detail is so critical), where that added dependency defines an additional static checker. That plugin to the maven compiler plugin itself has its own dependencies (protobuf and a few other things; their exact identity is unimportant I believe, other than that they're not otherwise dependencies of the project).

      Problem: When I use mvn dependency:resolve-plugins, the dependencies of the error_prone_core maven module are not downloaded. This is rather noticeable in my continuous integration flows, where I'm using the resolve and resolve-plugins goals to ensure that network activity is minimised and only performed at the beginning of the workflow (to try to promote reliability).  I happen to only be defining these things in a profile, but that profile is activated at the point where the resolve-plugins goal is called.

      What I want to see: resolve-plugins follow that particular rabbit hole as well, and find and download the dependencies of the dependencies of the plugin.




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