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Tuning TaskRuntimeEstimator



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      By default, MR uses LegacyTaskRuntimeEstimator to get an estimate of the runtime.  The estimator does not adjust dynamically to the progress rate of the tasks. On the other hand, the existing alternative "ExponentiallySmoothedTaskRuntimeEstimator" behavior in unpredictable.


      There are several dimensions to improve the exponential implementation:

      1. Exponential shooting needs a warmup period. Otherwise, the estimate will be affected by the initial values.
      2. Using a single smoothing factor (Lambda) does not work well for all the tasks. To increase the level of smoothing across the majority of tasks, we need to give a range of flexibility to dynamically adjust the smoothing factor based on the history of the task progress.
      3. Design wise, it is better to separate between the statistical model and the MR interface. We need to have a way to evaluate estimators statistically, without the need to run MR. For example, an estimator can be evaluated as a black box by using a stream of raw data as input and testing the accuracy of the generated stream of estimates.
      4. The exponential estimator speculates frequently and fails to detect slowing tasks. It does not detect slowing tasks. As a result, a taskAttempt that does not do any progress won't trigger a new speculation.


      The file smoothing-exponential.md describes how Simple Exponential smoothing factor works.




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