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Limit the number of resources a single map reduce job can submit for localization

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      Users will sometimes submit a large amount of resources to be localized as part of a single map reduce job. This can cause issues with YARN localization that destabilize the cluster and potentially impact other user jobs. These resources are specified via the files, libjars, archives and jobjar command line arguments or directly through the configuration (i.e. distributed cache api). The resources specified could be too large in multiple dimensions:

      1. Total size
      2. Number of files
      3. Size of an individual resource (i.e. a large fat jar)

      We would like to encourage good behavior on the client side by having the option of enforcing resource limits along the above dimensions.

      There should be a separate effort to enforce limits at the YARN layer on the server side, but this jira is only covering the map reduce layer on the client side. In practice, having these client side limits will get us a long way towards preventing these localization anti-patterns.


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          Chris Trezzo

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