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      HistoryFileManager.addIfAbsent produces large amount of logs if number of
      cached entries whose age is less than mapreduce.jobhistory.max-age-ms becomes
      larger than mapreduce.jobhistory.joblist.cache.size by far.

      For example, if the cache contains 50000 entries in total and 10,000 entries
      newer than mapreduce.jobhistory.max-age-ms where
      mapreduce.jobhistory.joblist.cache.size is 20000, HistoryFileManager.addIfAbsent
      method produces 50000 - 20000 = 30000 lines of "Waiting to remove <key> from
      JobListCache because it is not in done yet" message.

      It will attach a stacktrace.

      In addition to large disk consumption, this issue blocks JobHistory.getJob
      long time and slows job execution down significantly because getJob is called
      by RPC such as HistoryClientService.HSClientProtocolHandler.getJobReport.
      This impact happens because HistoryFileManager.UserLogDir.scanIfNeeded
      eventually calls HistoryFileManager.addIfAbsent in a synchronized block. When
      multiple threads call scanIfNeeded simultaneously, one of them acquires lock
      and the other threads are blocked until the first thread completes long-running
      HistoryFileManager.addIfAbsent call.


      • Reduce amount of logs so that HistoryFileManager.addIfAbsent doesn't take too long time.
      • Good to have if possible: HistoryFileManager.UserLogDir.scanIfNeeded skips
        scanning if another thread is already scanning. This changes semantics of
        some HistoryFileManager methods (such as getAllFileInfo and getFileInfo)
        because scanIfNeeded keep outdated state.
      • Good to have if possible: Make scanIfNeeded asynchronous so that RPC calls are
        not blocked by a loop at scale of tens of thousands.

      This patch implemented the first item.


        1. MAPREDUCE-6436.1.patch
          4 kB
          Ryu Kobayashi
        2. MAPREDUCE-6436.2.patch
          3 kB
          Kai Sasaki
        3. MAPREDUCE-6436.3.patch
          3 kB
          Kai Sasaki
        4. MAPREDUCE-6436.4.patch
          3 kB
          Kai Sasaki
        5. stacktrace1.txt
          59 kB
          Ryu Kobayashi
        6. stacktrace2.txt
          58 kB
          Ryu Kobayashi
        7. stacktrace3.txt
          60 kB
          Ryu Kobayashi

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