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      The org.apache.hadoop.mapred.JobConf class needs better javadoc comments.

      In general terms, these guidelines should be followed:

      • document the unchecked exceptions that the caller might reasonably want to catch
      • use <code> font appropriately (detailed in link above)
      • document default values and appropriate configuration file properties
      • comments, tags, links, etc used consistently across API

      In particular, the javadoc for this class should at least answer these questions:

      • all constructors: what happens if the supplied class, file path, or configuration doesn't exist or is null?
      • JobConf() constructor: where are default values loaded from?
      • JobConf(Configuration) constructor: indicate that this is effectively a copy constructor
      • JobConf(String) constructor: are there any format requirements on the string? local and dfs paths allowed?
      • setter methods that take a path: what happens if the path doesn't exist?
      • getter methods returning objects: if value has not been set, is null returned or something else?
      • are JobConf objects immutable? If not, why not?
      • setNum*Tasks: is this per TaskTracker? or something else?
      • methods that take a Path: what if the path is relative?
      • setWorkingDirectory: is this deleted at the end of a job? should it be local or dfs?
      • *KeepFailedTaskFiles: if they are kept, where can they be found?
      • *KeepTaskFilesPattern: what does "the files" mean? if they are kept, where can they be found?
      • deleteLocalFiles: undoubtedly a risky operation. Need a good spec. Is it a recursive delete?
      • which configuration entries are mandatory (i.e. must be set before submitting the job)?


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