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yarn-daemon.sh unconditionnaly sets yarn.root.logger


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      yarn-daemon.sh unconditionnaly sets yarn.root.logger which then prevent any override from happening.
      From ./hadoop-mapreduce-project/hadoop-yarn/bin/yarn-daemon.sh:
      > export YARN_JHS_LOGGER="INFO,JSA"

      and then yarn-daemon.sh will call "$YARN_HOME"/bin/yarn which does the following:
      > YARN_OPTS="$YARN_OPTS -Dhadoop.root.logger=$


      > YARN_OPTS="$YARN_OPTS -Dyarn.root.logger=$



      This has at least 2 issues:

      • I cannot override hadoop.root.logger when using the yarn-daemon.sh script
      • I cannot have different values for hadoop.root.logger and yarn.root.logger

      I currently see two different ways to proceed forward:
      1/ Make the script yarn-daemon.sh only sets a default value for YARN_ROOT_LOGGER if this variable is not defined
      2/ Remove the quoted code from yarn-daemon.sh since yarn already does something similar
      3/ Entirely remove that chunk and let people define their logging however they want through some properties files (see log4j.properties in the conf directories for instance)

      I would also use the variable HADOOP_ROOT_LOGGER for hadoop.root.logger if either option 1/ or 2/ would be taken.

      I don't really have any preference toward any of these solutions. What would you recommend? What is the Apache Hadoop way for this matter?

      Note: This is probably happening as well for the other daemons, and I will take a look at it once this issue is resolved.


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