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      Generalizes token renewal and canceling to a common interface and provides a plugin interface for adding renewers for new kinds of tokens. Hftp changed to store the tokens as HFTP and renew them over http.


      The JT may have issues renewing hftp tokens which disrupt long distcp jobs. The problem is the JT's delegation token renewal code is built on brittle assumptions. The token's service field contains only the "ip:port" pair. The renewal process assumes that the scheme must be hdfs. If that fails due to a VersionMismatchException, it tries https based on another assumption that it must be hftp if it's not hdfs. A number of other exceptions, most commonly IOExceptions, can be generated which fouls up the renewal since it won't fallback to https.

      1. MAPREDUCE-2764.patch
        65 kB
        Daryn Sharp
      2. delegation.patch
        24 kB
        Owen O'Malley
      3. MAPREDUCE-2764-2.patch
        54 kB
        Daryn Sharp
      4. MAPREDUCE-2764-3.patch
        64 kB
        Daryn Sharp
      5. MAPREDUCE-2764-4.patch
        72 kB
        Daryn Sharp
      6. token-renew.patch
        59 kB
        Owen O'Malley
      7. token-renew.patch
        61 kB
        Owen O'Malley
      8. token-renew-trunk.patch
        63 kB
        Owen O'Malley
      9. MAPREDUCE-2764-trunk.patch
        67 kB
        Jitendra Nath Pandey
      10. MAPREDUCE-2764-trunk.patch
        81 kB
        Jitendra Nath Pandey
      11. MAPREDUCE-2764-trunk.patch
        83 kB
        Jitendra Nath Pandey

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