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The job submitter should make sure to validate jobs before creation of necessary files



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      In 0.20.x/1.x, 0.21, 0.22 the MapReduce job submitter writes some job-necessary files to the JT FS before checking for output specs or other job validation items. This appears unnecessary to do.

      This has since been silently fixed in the rewrite of the MRApp (called MRv2) in the MAPREDUCE-279 dump thats now replaced the older MR (or, MRv1 now). However, we can still do with a test case to prevent regressing again.

      Original description below:

      When I read the source code of MapReduce in Hadoop 0.21.0, sometimes it made me confused about error response. For example:
      1. JobSubmitter checking output for each job. MapReduce makes rule to limit that each job output must be not exist to avoid fault overwrite. In my opinion, MR should verify output at the point of client submitting. Actually, it copies related files to specified target and then, doing the verifying.
      2. JobTracker. Job has been submitted to JobTracker. In first step, JT create JIT object that is very "huge" . Next step, JT start to verify job queue authority and memory requirements.

      In normal case, verifying client input then response immediately if any cases in fault. Regular logic can be performed if all the inputs have passed.
      It seems like that those code does not make sense for understanding. Is only my personal opinion? Wish someone help me to explain the details. Thanks!


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