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Cleanup tasks are scheduled using high memory configuration, leaving tasks in unassigned state.



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    • Makes taskCleanup tasks to use 1 slot even for high memory jobs.


      A cleanup task is launched for a failed task of a job. This task is created based on the TIP of the failed task, and so is marked as requiring as many slots to run as the original task itself. For instance, if a high RAM job requires 2 slots per task, a cleanup task of the high RAM jobs requires 2 slots as well.

      Further, a cleanup task is scheduled to a tasktracker by the jobtracker itself and not the scheduler. While doing so, the JT doesn't check if the TT has enough slots free to run a high RAM cleanup task - always assuming 1 slot is enough. Thus, a task is oversubscribed to the TT.

      However, on the TT, before launch, we check that the task can actually run, and wait for so many slots to become available. If the slots don't get freed quickly, we will have tasks stuck in an unassigned state.


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