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Need a matrix implementation



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      We need matrices for Mahout.

      An initial set of basic requirements includes:

      a) sparse and dense support are required

      b) row and column labels are important

      c) serialization for hadoop use is required

      d) reasonable floating point performance is required, but awesome FP is not

      e) the API should be simple enough to understand

      f) it should be easy to carve out sub-matrices for sending to different reducers

      g) a reasonable set of matrix operations should be supported, these should eventually include:
      simple matrix-matrix and matrix-vector and matrix-scalar linear algebra operations, A B, A + B, A v, A + x, v + x, u + v, dot(u, v)
      row and column sums
      generalized level 2 and 3 BLAS primitives, alpha A B + beta C and A u + beta v

      h) easy and efficient iteration constructs, especially for sparse matrices

      i) easy to extend with new implementations


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