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Create merge policy that doesn't periodically inadvertently optimize


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      The current merge policy, at every maxBufferedDocs *
      power-of-mergeFactor docs added, will do a fully cascaded merge, which
      is the same as an optimize.

      I think this is not good because at that "optimization poin", the
      particular addDocument call is [surprisingly] very expensive. While,
      amortized over all addDocument calls, the cost is low, the cost is
      paid "up front" and in a very "bunched up" manner.

      I think of this as "pay it forward": you are paying the full cost of
      an optimize right now on the expectation / hope that you will be
      adding a great many more docs. But, if you don't add that many more
      docs, then, the amortized cost for your index is in fact far higher
      than it should have been. Better to "pay as you go" instead.

      So we could make a small change to the policy by only merging the
      first mergeFactor segments once we hit 2X the merge factor. With
      mergeFactor=10, when we have created the 20th level 0 (just flushed)
      segment, we merge the first 10 into a level 1 segment. Then on
      creating another 10 level 0 segments, we merge the second set of 10
      level 0 segments into a level 1 segment, etc.

      With this new merge policy, an index that's a bit bigger than a
      current "optimization point" would then have a lower amortized cost
      per document. Plus the merge cost is less "bunched up" and less "pay
      it forward": instead you pay for what you are actually using.

      We can start by creating this merge policy (probably, combined with
      with the "by size not by doc count" segment level computation from
      LUCENE-845) and then later decide whether we should make it the
      default merge policy.


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