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Make LuceneTestCase use language tags instead of parsing locales by hand


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      Since we are on Java 7, the JDK supports standardized language tags as identifiers for Locales. Previous versions of JDK were missing a constructor from Locale#toString() back to a locale, so we had our own, which was broken several times after the JDK changed their Locale internals.

      This patch will do the following:

      • When printing the reproduce line, it will use Locale#getLanguageTag(), so you can identify the locale in standardized form. Most notable change is (next to more flexibility around asian languages) the change away from undescores. So it prints "en-US", not "en_US".
      • The code that parses a locale uses Locale's Builder and sets the language tag. This will fail if the tag is invalid! A trap is Locale#forLanguageTag, because this one silently returns root locale if unparseable...
      • The random locale is choosen from all language tags, which are extracted from the JDK as a String[] array.

      I would also like to place Locale#forLanguageTag on the forbidden list and disallow directly calling Locale#toString(), the latter is legacy API (according to Java 7 Javadocs). This would fail code that calls toString() directly, e.g. when formatting stuff like "my Locale: " + locale. Of course we cannot catch all bad uses.


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