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CharFilter offsets correction is wonky


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      Spinoff from this original Elasticsearch issue: https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch/issues/11726

      If I make a MappingCharFilter with these mappings:

        ( -> 
        ) -> 

      i.e., just erase left and right paren, then tokenizing the string
      "(F31)" with e.g. WhitespaceTokenizer, produces a single token F31,
      with start offset 1 (good).

      But for its end offset, I would expect/want 4, but it produces 5

      This can be easily explained given how the mapping works: each time a
      mapping rule matches, we update the cumulative offset difference,
      conceptually as an array like this (it's encoded more compactly):

        Output offset: 0 1 2 3
         Input offset: 1 2 3 5

      When the tokenizer produces F31, it assigns it startOffset=0 and
      endOffset=3 based on the characters it sees (F, 3, 1). It then asks
      the CharFilter to correct those offsets, mapping them backwards
      through the above arrays, which creates startOffset=1 (good) and
      endOffset=5 (bad).

      At first, to fix this, I thought this is an "off-by-1" and when
      correcting the endOffset we really should return
      1+correct(outputEndOffset-1), which would return the correct value (4)

      But that's too naive, e.g. here's another example:

        cccc -> cc

      If I then tokenize cccc, today we produce the correct offsets (0, 4)
      but if we do this "off-by-1" fix for endOffset, we would get the wrong
      endOffset (2).

      I'm not sure what to do here...


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