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Improve the in-order / out-of-order collection decision process



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      Today the logic is the following:

      • IndexSearcher looks if the weight can score out-of-order
      • Depending on the value it creates the appropriate top docs/field collector

      I think this has several issues:

      • Only IndexSearcher can actually make the decision correctly, and it only works for top docs/field collectors. If you want to make a multi collector in order to have both facets and top docs, then you're clueless about whether you should create a top docs collector that supports out-of-order collection
      • It is quite fragile: you need to make sure that Weight.scoresDocsOutOfOrder and Weight.bulkScorer agree on when they can score out-of-order. Some queries like BooleanQuery duplicate the logic and other queries like FilteredQuery just always return true to avoid complexity. This is inefficient as this means that IndexSearcher will create a collector that supports out-of-order collection while the common case actually scores documents in order (leap frog between the query and the filter).

      Instead I would like to take advantage of the new collection API to make out-of-order scoring an implementation detail of the bulk scorers. My current idea is as follows:

      • remove Weight.scoresDocsOutOfOrder
      • change Collector.getLeafCollector(LeafReaderContext) to Collector.getLeafCollector(LeafReaderContext, boolean canScoreOutOfOrder)

      This new boolean in Collector.getLeafCollector tells the collector that the scorer supports out-of-order scoring. So by returning a leaf collector that supports out-of-order collection, things will be faster.

      The new logic would be the following. First Weights cannot tell whether they support out-of-order scoring or not. However when a weight knows it supports out-of-order scoring, it will pass canScoreOutOfOrder=true when getting the leaf collector. If the returned collector accepts documents out of order, then the weight will return an out-of order scorer. Otherwise, an in-order scorer is returned.


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