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IndexWriter should refuse to create an index with more than INT_MAX docs


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    • 4.9.1, 4.10, 6.0
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      It's more and more common for users these days to create very large indices, e.g. indexing lines from log files, or packets on a network, etc., and it's not hard to accidentally exceed the maximum number of documents in one index.

      I think the limit is actually Integer.MAX_VALUE-1 docs, because we use that value as a sentinel during searching.

      I'm not sure what IW does today if you create a too-big index but it's probably horrible; it may succeed and then at search time you hit nasty exceptions when we overflow int.

      I think it should throw an IndexFullException instead. It'd be nice if we could do this on the very doc that when added would go over the limit, but I would also settle for just throwing at flush as well ... i.e. I think what's really important is that the index does not become unusable.


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