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      Expressions are geared at defining an alternative ranking function (e.g. incorporating the text relevance score and other field values/ranking
      signals). So they are conceptually much more like ElasticSearch's scripting support ( than solr's function queries.

      Some additional notes:

      • In addition to referring to other fields, they can also refer to other expressions, so they can be used as "computed fields".
      • You can rank documents easily by multiple expressions (its a SortField at the end), e.g. Sort by year descending, then some function of score price and time ascending.
      • The provided javascript expression syntax is much more efficient than using a scripting engine, because it does not have dynamic typing (compiles to .class files that work on doubles). Performance is similar to writing a custom FieldComparator yourself, but much easier to do.
      • We have solr integration to contribute in the future, but this is just the standalone lucene part as a start. Since lucene has no schema, it includes an implementation of Bindings (SimpleBindings) that maps variable names to SortField's or other expressions.
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