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Create a specialized path for facets counting



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      Mike and I have been discussing that on several issues (LUCENE-4600, LUCENE-4602) and on GTalk ... it looks like the current API abstractions may be responsible for some of the performance loss that we see, compared to specialized code.

      During our discussion, we've decided to target a specific use case - facets counting and work on it, top-to-bottom by reusing as much code as possible. Specifically, we'd like to implement a FacetsCollector/Accumulator which can do only counting (i.e. respects only CountFacetRequest), no sampling, partitions and complements. The API allows us to do so very cleanly, and in the context of that issue, we'd like to do the following:

      • Implement a FacetsField which takes a TaxonomyWriter, FacetIndexingParams and CategoryPath (List, Iterable, whatever) and adds the needed information to both the taxonomy index as well as the search index.
        • That API is similar in nature to CategoryDocumentBuilder, only easier to consume – it's just another field that you add to the Document.
        • We'll have two extensions for it: PayloadFacetsField and DocValuesFacetsField, so that we can benchmark the two approaches. Eventually, one of them we believe, will be eliminated, and we'll remain w/ just one (hopefully the DV one).
      • Implement either a FacetsAccumulator/Collector which takes a bunch of CountFacetRequests and returns the top-counts.
        • Aggregations are done in-collection, rather than post. Note that we have LUCENE-4600 open for exploring that. Either we finish this exploration here, or do it there. Just FYI that the issue exists.
        • Reuses the CategoryListIterator, IntDecoder and Aggregator code. I'll open a separate issue to explore improving that API to be bulk, and then we can decide if this specialized Collector should use those abstractions, or be really optimized for the facet counting case.
      • At the moment, this path will assume that a document holds multiple dimensions, but only one value from each (i.e. no Author/Shai, Author/Mike for a document), and therefore use OrdPolicy.NO_PARENTS.
        • Later, we'd like to explore how to have this specialized path handle the ALL_PARENTS case too, as it shouldn't be so hard to do.


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