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Add IndexWriter.tryDeleteDocument, to delete by document id when possible


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      Spinoff from LUCENE-4069.

      In that use case, where the app needs to first lookup a document, then
      call updateDocument, it's wasteful today because the relatively costly
      lookup (by a primary key field, eg "id") is done twice.

      But, since you already resolved the PK to docID on the first lookup,
      it would be nice to then delete by that docID and then you can call
      addDocument instead.

      So I worked out a rough start at this, by adding
      IndexWriter.tryDeleteDocument. It'd be a very expert API: it takes a
      SegmentInfo (referencing the segment that contains the docID), and as
      long as that segment hasn't yet been merged away, it will mark the
      document for deletion and return true (success). If it has been
      merged away it returns false and the app must then delete-by-term. It
      only works if the writer is in NRT mode (ie you've opened an NRT

      In LUCENE-4069 using tryDeleteDocument gave a ~20% net speedup.

      I think tryDeleteDocument would also be useful when Solr "updates" a
      document by loading all stored fields, changing them, and calling

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